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Dwivedi Cancer care is the best cancer hospital in Kanpur

Cancer we treat

Best Cancer Doctor In Kanpur

Why Choose Us

Dwivedi’s Cancer Care Centre is one of the best cancer clinics in
North India. We are here to provide world class facilities to our
cancer patients. Dwivedi’s Cancer Care Centre is your clinic built on
two principles:

1. Best quality patient-centric care is our top priority
2. Connecting with patient and their family to make the best
decisions together as a “team” for developing an individualized
care plan


Located in Kanpur, Dwivedi’s Cancer Care Centre is the one of best cancer clinics in North India. The clinic provides complete care to cancer patients including diagnostic testing, treatments, and supportive therapies all under one roof. We deliver care that is as efficient and convenient as possible. Here at our clinic, we work as a team to give you the best care possible.


Our clinic uses cutting edge technologies, advanced diagnostics such as genomic testing and state-of-the-art treatments to diagnose, stage, and treat cancer.


No two patients or any two types of cancer are exactly the same. At Dwivedi's Cancer Care Centre, every patient’s care plan from treating the cancer to managing quality of life is customized through an individualized care approach that meets the patient’s and their family’s needs.

DR. Arun Prakash Dwivedi

MBBS, MS (General Surgery), MCh (Surgical Oncology)

Ex. Tata Memorial Hospital

Specialties: Interventional oncology with specialization in cancer
treatment, surgery, and management.


Honorary Advisor

Dr. Hari Prakash Dwivedi

Dr. Hari Dwivedi is a medical affairs and operations expert with interest in patient-oriented diagnostics, clinical outcome, and health economics. He has significantly contributed to the field of clinical trials of novel in vitro diagnostic medical devices. In the honorary advisor role, Dr. Hari Dwivedi keeps the vision and promise of the Dwivedi’s Cancer Care Centre at the core of patient care. He advises Dr. Arun Prakash Dwivedi and the clinic’s staff in continuous management and operational improvements. 


Medical Care 24/7

We provide 24 hour emergency assistance to our patients and their
family. We care for the patient with respect and provide care that
we strive for ourselves.

We are best cancer hospital in kanpur

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Service Recipient Says

Dwivedi's Cancer Care Cantre is the Best Cancer Hospital in Kanpur, i was given very good test here, i am very satisfied.

Mr. Abhishek Pathak Citizen

I am very happy that I got my treatment from Dwivedi's Cancer Care Centre, it is The Best Cancer hospital in Kanpur , if any of you want to get your cancer treatment done then get it done from here only.

Mrs. Pramila Dubey Citizen

The Best Cancer Hospital In Kanpur. I am fully satisfied with this hospital.. best medical care treatment Centre.

Mr. Rohit Agarwal Citizen
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